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You've trusted me throughout the pandemic. I'm asking for your trust again now. Together we can move Wales forward.

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For the past 5 years, I have served as your Welsh Labour & Co-op Member of the Senedd and Minister for Health. Each day, I have done my best to repay the trust you put in me to represent Cardiff South and Penarth and strengthen our NHS.

Given everything you have sacrificed and all the challenges we have overcome during this pandemic, I don’t need to tell you how important your vote is to the future of our country. We have come so far yet there is still so much more to be done. I’m asking you to vote Labour on the 6th May to complete our unfinished fight against Covid-19. We are already planning for the future beyond the pandemic and how we will move Wales forward.

Over the last Senedd term, we have achieved so much for Cardiff South and Penarth. We delivered new and affordable homes, we began work on the South Wales Metro to improve transport and have protected our remarkable NHS that helps to keep all of us safe.

If re-elected as your Welsh Labour & Co-op Member of the Senedd I will continue to deliver for our constituency, I will fight to rebuild our country to make a stronger and fairer Wales.


Moving Wales Forward.

The past year has been one of the toughest on record. We have all sacrificed so much and done our best to keep each other safe. As your Health Minister, you have trusted me to protect our NHS and your families. I’m asking you to trust me again so we can keep moving Wales forward.  Here are my pledges to you., for our country and for Cardiff South and Penarth. 

Moving Wales Forward.

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Recovery after Covid: The biggest catch-up programme in our NHS and schools, and a new medical school in North Wales.

A Young Persons’ Guarantee: Work, education or training offer for all under-25s.

A Fair Deal for Care: The Real Living Wage for care workers.

A Greener Country: Abolish more single-use plastics and create a National Forest for Wales.

Safer Communities: More PCSOs on our streets.

New Jobs for Wales: Create thousands of jobs in a low-carbon house building revolution.

Cardiff South and penarth.

Strengthen and defend our amazing Welsh NHS: Given everything you have sacrificed and all the challenges we have overcome during this pandemic, it’s important to continue our unfinished fight against Covid-19. I will always defend our amazing NHS staff and ensure its always fully funded. 


No more incinerators in Cardiff South & Penarth: I will make it my business to ensure under my watch there will be no more incinerators in our area. No ifs, no buts. 


Continue our amazing school building programme: We have already seen so many amazing new schools built in our patch, from Eastern High and Penarth Learning Community. I’m committed to working with both Cardiff Council and the Vale Council to ensure our children and young people can learn in schools fit for the 21st Century. 


Supporting our local Businesses and creating jobs: We all know the pandemic has hit our local high streets and small businesses hard. During the pandemic we have delivered over 178,000 grants to businesses totalling over £1billion to ensure we continue to create jobs and support our local businesses. 


Transport & South Wales Metro:  I’ve been working closely with Cardiff Council to ensure that the South Wales Metro is delivered. We all know providing excellent public transport will allow us to create jobs across the City and reduce our Co2 emissions by limiting our reliance on cars.




6th of May

Together We are Moving Wales Forward.